Lauren Ruth Ward: My dream is to be able to continue to make art that helps people heal and feel safe

Декабрь 31, 2019
Автор: Ася Радько



Imagine Lauren Ruth Ward – amazing woman with kind heart and creative soul. She is a talent songwriter who tries to make happy people thru song. Lauren is not only a musician, she is a smart human who works so hard in different directions. Her way to music is a story which you must know. She tries to be closer to people. She looks like a phenomenon.

Interview by our author Asia Radko. Text is given without edition and reflects the real spirit of dialog.

This interview is the first in Ukraine, and if to be honest – it is a gift on New Year for Ukrainian fan-club. We proudly hope to be Z 1st media-issue, that will introduce the worl-known star of alternative scene on the teritory of our country.



Asia: Tell story of small Lauren who decided to be a singer. How it was? Why did you decide to be a singer? What about your first steps in world of music?

Lauren: Music has always been a part of my life. I started playing the guitar and writing songs with I was 13. It was a cathartic hobby I didn’t think I would pursue seriously until I was in my early 20’s. I just craved being able to share my stories thru song.



Asia: You have very interesting style. In music and in fashion. First question will be about music. Why did you choose style of 60’s? What is the main reason of it?

Lauren: I haven’t chosen any style of music to create. I like many bands who emulate sounds from 50’s-90’s and totally support that route. But when Eduardo and I are writing and producing our songs, we keep an open mind and just write what comes out. Naturally the 60’s guitar tones or vibrato belting will rear their head thru our songs bc Ed and I grew up listening to classic rock. But it is not contrived or thought of.



Asia: Second question about your style. Can you explain symbols of your makeup? for example makeup on eyes. I am sure that fan’s from Ukraine have the same question 🙂

Lauren: I had a wedding business from 19-25. I did elegant styles on bridal parties. In the begging I used to do makeup as well. I naturally grew out of doing an wearing makeup. I love the artistry and respect it fully which is why choose to focus my work on just hair. The makeup industry was growing so quickly 5 years ago with the boom of youtube and instagram tutorials. I grew out of wearing makeup bc I was negatively effected by the stark difference in the way I was treated when I was wearing it vs. when I wasn’t. I had to rewired my brain to believe I didn’t need it to look my best, because no one does. It forced me to work on my inner confidence and focus spend more time on what I had to say not how I looked. I started doing dots around my eyes when I was in high school. They’ve had many evolutions. Once I felt confident in my new barefaced skin I remembered makeup is an art, not a mask. It was then I also moved to LA and started performing. I thought putting the dots around my eyes would draw attention to them and force people to look me in the eye whether I am on stage or just hanging out. Eye contact is very important to me. I also call it my war paint as a joke but also seriously because life is a battle.


Asia: Have you a favourite song of Lauren Ward? Why this one?

Lauren: I always love my newest song. I like fresh feelings. It’s a nerve wracking, cathartic rush performing them. New ones are called «Water Sing», «Friendly Fire» «Must Be Nice», «Real Life For The Most Part» and «Goddess». They’ll be out on the new album on March 13th.

Asia: Tell us about your team. All of them work so hard and I think many people must know more about Lauren’s team)

Lauren: The first person I met was Eduardo Rivera — he writes the guitar for our songs and is also always there to help and support me with all things. Then I met my LA publicist, Mikel Corrente (Purple Bite PR) — he is one of the hardest workers I know. I trusted him immediately. We’ve been together for 3 years. I love his honesty and his integrity. Then came my American Booking agent, Sara Bollwinkel. I feel the same way about her. She’s hardworking, level headed, extremely trust worthy and a role model. Then I met my manager, Vickie Starr. She’s devoted her life to delivering artists messages into the world. All things above. Her company is called Girlie Action, too many achievements to list. Look them up 🙂

Asia: You are a talent singer, hardworker. Can you give me a reply on it — what is the hardest in your job?

Lauren: I enjoy every part of the work I get to put into my art. The only struggle is when something is delayed due to not having enough money. I am independent meaning I pay for everything. Sometimes I need to wait to record a song or shoot a music video or order more merch until I can afford it. Most times I am able to follow through with my vision by cutting something out to make my budget work. But this is life. I am fortunate to be in a beautiful creative city like LA where there are many artists willing to barter and trade so we can all make each others visions come true. We’re all in it together!


Asia: I saw that you have so much extraordinary themes for photos. What is it mean for you? How are ideas born?

Lauren: Not sure I understand what you’re asking — sorry! .. I enjoy creating imagery. I’ve been collecting vintage clothing since I was 12. Started modeling when I was 17. The photos I create now are these life long hobbies combined with the ambitious creatives I hang out with. It’s really a beautiful thing creating with friends. Most images are not thought out, very in the moment creations.

Asia: One question about your plan’s. What are you going to do soon?

Lauren: The release of our 2nd album is March 13th. Music videos and a full headlining US tour will follow. I’m also releasing music with my side project : Aging Actress.




Asia: Did you hear something of our country — Ukraine, and what it was? 🙂

Lauren: Not sure what you mean. Haven’t heard much of Ukraine, only that it is beautiful. I would love to visit!

Asia: I think all fan’s from Ukraine must know. When will you come to Ukraine?

Lauren: I would love to come! My European booking agent is aware I have fans like you there. Fingers crossed the venues say yes. That is what is comes down to.

AsiaWhat can you wish to our people? And maybe, to me haha 🙂

Lauren: I wish to meet you one day! (from Asia – and I wish to meet you, darling)

Asia: And, if you have a dream share it with us.

Lauren: My dream is to be able to continue to make art that helps people heal and feel safe.


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